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Achieving and maintaining the PCI compliance is the ongoing process an organization undertakes so as to ensure that they are adhering to the security standards defined by the PCI SSC. PCI requires the highest levels of security in all areas where the cardholder data is transmitted and stored.


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PCI Merchant Account

The term PCI stands for the “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard”. But the full acronym of this account is PCI DSS, but most people call it PCI as a short form. Basically, PCI Merchant Account is defined as any entity that accepts payment from the cards bearing the logos of any of the five members of PCI SSC (i.e. American Express, Discover, JCB, Master Card or Visa Card) as the payment for goods or the services.

    PCI DSS Merchant Levels

    The PCI DSS merchant levels may include –

    Level 1 – Criteria

    • Merchants processing with over 6 million of Visa, Master Card transactions a year, across all the channels or any merchant that has a data breach.
    • Merchants processing of more than 2.5 million of American Express transactions annually.
    • Merchants processing of more than 1 million of JCB transactions annually.
    •  Merchants that have suffered a data breach or the cyber-attack that result in card-holder data being compromised
    • Merchants that have been identified by another card issuer as Level 1 merchant.
    Merchant Bank Credit Card

    Validation Requirements

    • Annual Report on Compliance (ROC) by the Quality Security Assessor (QSA).
    •  Quarterly network scan that is approved by the Approved Scan Vendor (ASV).
    •  Attestation of the Compliance Form.

    Level 2 – Criteria

    • Merchants processing between 1 million and 6 million of Visa, Master Card transactions annually, across all the channels.
    • Merchants processing between 50,000 to 2.5 million of American Express transaction annually.
    • Merchants processing of less than 1 million of JCB transaction annually.

    Validation Requirements

    • .Annual self-assessment Questionnaire (SAQ).
    • Quarterly network scan that is approved by the Approved Scan Vendor (ASV).
    • Attestation of the Compliance Form.
    Merchant Account Online

    Level 3 – Criteria

    • .Merchants processing between 20,000 and 1 million of Visa e-commerce of online transactions annually.
    • Merchants processing 20,000 of Master Card e-commerce transactions annually, but less than or equal to 1 million of total Master Card transaction annually.
    • Merchants processing of less than 50,000 of American Express transactions annually.

    Validation Requirements

    •  Annual self-assessment Questionnaire (SAQ).
    •  Quarterly network scan that is approved by the Approved Scan Vendor (ASV).
    •  Attestation of the Compliance Form.
    Credit Card Processing Business

    Level 4 – Criteria

    • . Merchants processing with fewer than 20,000 of Visa or Master Card e-commerce of online transactions a year.
    •  Merchant processing up to 1 million of Visa or Master Card of regular transactions per year.

    Validation Requirements

    • These largely depend on the requirement of the merchant’s acquiring bank.
    • Annual self-assessment Questionnaire (SAQ).
    •  Quarterly network scan that is approved by the Approved Scan Vendor (ASV).

    PCI Merchant Account

    A strong merchant account security foundation starts with people, process and technology. Learn more about PCI resources and tools that can help you to secure payment data.


    Hire the qualified and trusted partners that can train your staff to understand payment data security essentials.


    Put the right policies and practices in place to make the payment security a priority on daily basis.


    Make sure that you are using the right technology and implementing it correctly to get the best security and business benefits.

    PCI Compliance Merchant Services

    PCI compliance is defined as a set of rules and regulations that apply to any business of any size that process, store or accepts credit card information maintain a secure environment. For a business to be compliant of the PCI compliance requires to follow a specific set of safety protocols rule which are designed to protect both the business and its customers from any fraudulent activity.

    Bank Merchant Accounts

    Reduces the possibility of the Data Breach

    Data compliance and management are the key factors that are to be considered while building an IT infrastructure, especially if you process or store the sensitive customer data. Because merchants are required to use stronger firewalls and encryption, and are prohibited the storage of the cardholder details. Each PCI compliant business is a less valuable target for the cyber criminals. Not only will they have a much harder time in hacking your network, they won’t find the data they are looking for. 

    Payment Processing Gateway

    Improves the Brand Reputation

    With the technology breaking down the traditional barriers to entry and continually equalizing the playing field among the competitors has become one of the assets of  why any brand has to rely on today is their brand. Avoiding a data breach is paramount of maintaining an unspotted brand reputation and to keeping your customer’s trust. As the number of data breaches among the large companies climb higher, consumers will vote with their wallets and do business with the brands that they trust instead, which will hopefully be yours. 

    Bank Merchant Accounts

    Imparts a Mind-set of Security

    For the organizations that are just beginning to address security, the PCI DSS provides an excellent place to start. The twelve requirements that serve as a robust and comprehensive framework which examine the existing security procedures and the self-assessment exercises that each merchant must have to complete are the fantastic way to reflect on how improvements can be made. For the larger organizations that fall into merchant level 1, the Annual Report on Compliance (AOC) that a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) must complete acts as an important third-party check on security controls. 

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